Eli's Song 

Tobi Tobi blow us a heavenly kiss with their fourth single Eli’s Song. This song is akin with a sweet and melancholic drive through the countryside followed by a ride to the stars on a cloud. Written for their new son Eli though, easily interpreted as a dreamy tune from one lover to another, Eli’s song is full of deep tenderness and gratitude for love. …..”All the love I feel could fill the space from the earth to the moon”. Produced by Matthew Redlich and featuring Ainslie Wills on harmonies.


Past Singles - 

Cast Away 

Cast away holds a resounding honesty and deep affection. The bowed double bass, dappled piano and pensive acoustic guitar conjuring reveries of mixtapes dedicated to longing and the mysticism embodied in communicating the sweet synchronicity in finding a profound bond. 


"I guess its just a song about two people who didn't really know their place in the world until they found each other" 

The Alternative


A reflective song about a broken heart! Finally, we get to hear Jamies lush vocals on a track - watch out for them in the last chorus. 

Ice and Rum 

“Your eyes caught the light, in a thousand shades of craving and now I can’t stop myself from having one hundred daydreams”...... Lyric from Tobi Tobi’s new single Ice and Rum!


There is something so effortlessly romantic about Tobi Tobi’s new single that it feels almost like you’re wandering through a daydream as you hear it, picturing yourself on cloud 9 where this love story takes place.


Something you've heard before!


Tobi Tobi was born out of covers, learning and slightly bending them has been a great experience. 
Email hi@tobitobi.co for a full list of the covers they can currently perform at your wedding or event!


Where we met!



This is PL (originally Private Life) created a few years ago, it satisfies Renee and Jamie's love of the Synthesizer. 

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