The story of Ice and Rum

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

To say I am excited is the moon of understatements!*!*

Jamie and I wrote this song in Roussillon, France almost 7 months ago after a conversation over coffee, with our pals Lyndel and Daniel from Lost in Love photography. We talked about how much we love the wedding world. But our creative needs felt like they were not being completely met. Daniel mused; “why not release original music from Tobi Tobi”– We call him the "Greek God" because he is broad, tall, bearded, and wise.

Ponder ponder… sip of coffee…. my head tilted to the side like one of those puppies who are trying to understand the sound you have just made…. "YES Daniel, what a great idea".

Then, everything started to come together in my mind! To explain, I have come from a more acoustic, singer songwriter place. One day I might flesh out my past on this blog, it could be cathartic or disturbing or both haha. Anyway to sum it up I was playing state grade tennis until I was 18, I then discovered, after scoring the lead role in my high school musical, that I didn’t want to play tennis I wanted to write music, so, I quit the thing I had been doing every day of my life since I was 10 to ummm......... write songs.

I had written raps, YEP sigh. Will just leave that there… and a few little songs but nothing substantial. A singing teacher I was going to at the time said, “Renee if you want to write songs you have to be able to play an instrument”. That’s where the guitar came from. So, I practiced and practiced, and recorded a few songs locally.

Somehow I became the number 1 unsigned artist on Myspace...

I feel fucking old right now even just typing the word myyspacceeee, but yep, I think just one of my songs had 4 million plays. Then I signed to Universal records…. another story for another day….. met Jamie Barlow the bass player, fell in love with Jamie Barlow the bass player. Left Universal records to play music with him in our new Synth pop band called PL. Had to make money somehow so started playing weddings and yea that’s how I ended up here in Tobi Tobi… but my point… ok what’s my point…. A few days after that coffee with Daniel and Lyndel I started writing this song Ice and Rum at a train station on our way to France, I finished it in Roussillon this beautiful dusty red town and I remembered how much id missed this acoustic pop world, and that I really wanted to release music like this again.

My peppy self in Roussillon

Jamie recorded all the parts in our tiny one bedroom Airbnb, whilst I walked the streets and thought about how lucky we were to be able to make music together like this and travel the world playing lovely peoples weddings. When we arrived back in Aus, Jamie and I took the track to our fave producer Nic Lam and he made it all sound super spesh with old pal Leigh fisher on drums & co production. We had met this vivacious, interesting photographer named Abbie from Mrs White Photography who had some awesome shots of her kids on her gram (check it out, her page is interesting and cute), and she loved sparkles – I LOVE SPARKLES. I hit her up to see if she would like to do a clip together for this track and she was in. One day before filming I had remembered I received an email from a lovely girl named Rozanna who suggested an exchange of services, ‘I will film something for you if you sing at my wedding’ kinda thing, so I called her to see if she was free and she was, all of the footage you see in the video was shot by her. Jamie’s sister Justine has 3 boys, 2 of which you can see in the video, Elliot is the older one with the bad ass bass face and Otis is the little one who just walks around with no idea what to do. Jamie’s brother has a beautiful little girl named Sadie, she’s pretty much the rock star of the clip, we stuck her on the drums but quickly learned she had every instrument covered haha and the last super cutie is our friends kid Francesca, the blonde girl who looks like Meg Ryan as a child, who I just adore with all her elegant little ballet movements throughout.

& that is the longer than intended story of Ice and Rum. It was the by far the most fun I’ve ever had editing a clip, every few minutes I was laughing at something one of the kids had done and I feel pretty lucky to have such a rad family! Not just that though, I feel super lucky to be around such amazing people in this wedding industry.

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