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Cover me in love

Tobi Tobi have been creating intimate renditions of songs for lovely people for many years!

It's exciting for them to re-imagine songs that are up-beat old school, fun or poppy and turn them into something tender whilst providing all those scrumptious feelings you get when you hear something nostalgic!

A Tobi Tobi rendition is the perfect wedding anniversary gift, milestone birthday present, or make your proposal magic with you and your partners favourite tune done in the sweetest most romantic way.. Then re-use the rendition at your wedding years later or even better hire us to be there! 

 A musical gift that will last forever...

Perfect birthday present, give the gift of music, the sweetest live music duo

Acoustic -  $1500

Guitar, bass and Vocals! Just as we are live!

Studio - Full version $2400

All of the above but with the sweetest extras : piano, cello, violins .... whatever we think suits the new version!

Acoustic Version to keep or use in your wedding video -  $800

Guitar, bass and Vocals! Just as we are live!

This is the perfect option if you have already booked us for your wedding and want a keepsake OR to hear the version of the song before you decide if its the perfect choice for your aisle song, first dance song etc. It is also perfect if you want to practice your first dance :)

Please check with your videographer before you purchase this option as they may not want to include a cover in their official wedding video.

If they don't like the idea of a cover being in the official video you could ask for the footage of your fist dance so you can put the song in the background of the video yourselves, alternatively they may be kind enough to do it for you! However, please don't be dismayed if your lovely videographers do not want to use our music.

They have a creative vision and this is amazing and important :)!

Content or branding music - $2900

Need specific sound! A song you would like to re-use that aligns with your brand that keeps certain words or phrases in mind. Contact us for some sweet music laced with lush vocals to use in your content videos! 

Advertising music - Contact us for pricing at

Purchase a cover version for your commercial or a totally original tune that keeps the theme of your advertisement in mind!

Custom music gift


Stand By Me by Tobi Tobi - Scott McGregor (Neighbours - Mark Brennan) & Biaka Voight Wedding
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