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Included in the price is learning you and your partner's favorite songs for special moments!

Ceremony + Canapés + Dinner

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(Prices start at 7500 Euro - all prices Include flights and accomodation)

Include 1 or all 3 of the below


  • Pre-ceremony music (roughly 15 minutes) 

  • Aisle song 

  • Signing song

  • Exit music


  • 2 x 20-minute sets spread over your canapés hour.

  • A tailored collection of songs to start your night perfectly that reflect your personalities, your guests ages and musical tastes.


  • 1 x 20 minute set as entrees are served

  • 1 x 20 minute set as mains are served 

  • First dance (included if before 10pm)




Welcome Drinks or recovery day

Your wedding is all about wine and friends, You dream of your favourite acoustic
covers floating blissfully over your welcome drinks or recovery day. Adding a veil of happiness and vibe.

3 x 30 minute sets spread out over 2-3 hours! 


Tobi Tobi Cover

A professional studio recording of your favorite cover (see Space Oddity below). 

Tell us your love story, we will write you a song, just for you to keep forever!Professionally recorded in Australia. Free to use in your wedding film!

Tobi Tobi original song

Want something more.........


More Info

Tobi Tobi also offer personalised song recordings 

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Live Recordings